Benefits of Medicare for Veterans

Veterans who’ve served their nation should definitely get maximum benefits via Veteran Affairs benefits which are not covered by Original Medicare. Typically these services comprise annual physical examinations, OTC drugs, and at times, hearing aids as well.


However, Veterans might also want to consider Medicare Part B enrollment in spite of being for VA benefits. There are 2 primary reasons for this:


First of all, it makes a Veteran eligible for medical coverage that is not a part of the VA system.


The second reason is associated with Medicare Part B penalty in case a Veteran fails to enroll when initially eligible.


Veterans who fail to enroll in Medicare Part B within the period of eligibility are most likely to pay a penalty throughout the year without Medicare Part B & might also experience coverage gaps.


Part D Medicare prescription coverage often takes into account the type of medications a person is in-taking. A few veterans only choose the VA health system for covering their medications.


Since the prescription program of VA is regarded as a creditable coverage, the chances of a penalty being incurred are little to none even if a veteran selects prescription plan by VA & disenrolls himself/herself from Part D Medicare coverage.


In case you lose your prescription coverage by VA, ensure that you enroll yourself in Part D Medicare coverage inside the first 63-days of losing your coverage.


Veterans are eligible for both VA prescription plan as well as Part D Medicare prescriptions coverage simultaneously. Nevertheless, both these coverages work in a different way.


You want to choose between Part D Medicare pharmacies & VA pharmacies based on which coverage provides maximum benefits for your specific needs.

A veteran might have a reason to enroll in Part D prescription coverage when residing in the nursing house that’s outside the area of coverage of VA.


Final Words:


If you’re a Veteran who is eligible to draw benefits from Veterans Affairs (VA) system then you also have the option to enroll yourself in the Medicare plan. You might want to take advantage of both these programs simultaneously. Medicare might not pay for the care that you receive in your VA facility, still, it can pay for the care which you get at the facility which is certified by Medicare.