Are Mobility Scooters Covered Under Medicare Plan?

If you require a mobility scooter, you perhaps might be aware of the fact that they can cost quite a lot. The spending issues which Medicare faced surrounding mobility scooters & other similar equipment resulted in much tighter guidelines on where a senior can purchase these scooters, the eligibility criteria for the scooters as well as the steps required to be compliant with Part B Medicare.


Who is eligible for a Scooter covered by Medicare?


According to the official Medicare website, all the seniors who fulfill the criteria with Part B Medicare will be compensated for scooters (defined by Medicare as “power mobility equipment & manual wheelchairs”).


Eligibility Criteria:


Part B Medicare will pay for manual wheelchairs & power-operated scooters (vehicles) as DME also known as durable medical equipment which your healthcare expert prescribes for usage in your house.


The person needs to undergo a face to face test in addition to a manual prescription from his/her doctor prior to Medicare helps them pay for the scooter.


Remember that Medicare will cover power wheelchairs only if they’re medically essential.


Steps to Purchasing a Mobility Scooter:


You will be able to purchase the scooter from anyplace you desire in case you want to pay for it yourself.


On contrary, if you’re looking for some assistance from your Medicare policy, then it’s vital for you to select a DME supplier who is enrolled in Medicare & accepts the government assignment costs. Talking of the costs, you can expect to pay 20 percent of the amount approved by Medicare along with the applicable Part B deductible.

After a person has visited his/her doctor (who’s enrolled in Medicare, & has written the person a prescription for the mobility scooter, he/she can get details from the DME provider (who must also be Medicare enrolled), & share the options with the person. A typical price for a decent mobility scooter may range anywhere in between $750 to $2,000.

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With each day, it is becoming more and more difficult for seniors to purchase a mobility scooter due to the strict Medicare guidelines. So, it can be a wise option to follow all the latest guidelines & select a Medicare-approved DME provider in your area.